Underground swing gate operator for leaves up to 3m.

In-ground installation making it virtually invisible and quiet satisfying the most sophisticated automation needs without being detrimental to the original gate design.
Gear motor constructed in die-cast aluminum with water-proof treatment.
Built-in mechanical limit stops adjustable in opening and closing.
Standard opening angle up to 110°, it may reach 180° with adaptor (optional accessory).
It features a keyed release system that allows the gate to be moved by hand if a system failure should occur.
In-ground, self-supporting foundation box available in special corrosion-proof finishing or stainless steel.
Control board featuring: obstacle detection, simplified self-learning programming mode, adjustable settings of working times and force, delay time, pedestrian opening and slowdown
Available in 230V and 24V.


Motor power supply V 230V~50Hz
Max draw. A 1,2-2A
Power W 300W
Capacitor μF  10μF
Thermal protection 150°C
Adjustable thrust N 350N
Protection rating IP 66
Revolutions rpm 1400 rpm
Working temperature -25° – +70°
Leaf length m 3,00m
Leaf weight Kg 350Kg
Opening angle deg 110°
Opening time (90°) s 17″
Duty cycle % 50%
Motor power supply V 24V dc
Max draw. A 0,5-7,5A
Power W 50W
Capacitor μF  –
Thermal protection
Adjustable thrust N 230N
Protection rating IP 66
Revolutions rpm 1600 rpm
Working temperature -20° – +55°
Leaf length m 2,50m
Leaf weight Kg 200Kg
Opening angle deg 110°
Opening time (90°) s 16″
Duty cycle % 90%

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