Why choose our automations

Easy Programming

Same programming software for all electric gate kits in the range. Working times self-learning function and multi-level obstacle detection for quick and easy programming.


All myGate controllers do perform an automatic deceleration while reaching the opening and closing position. This function prevents the leaf from slamming and, at the same time, assures a long working life to your gate.

Pedestrian Opening

You can also select the pedestrian function: it permits the partial opening of a sliding gate or the full opening of one leaf of a double swing gate. Just by pushing a second key on your remote, by a key-switch or an interphone.

Complete Range

All automation kits come in several versions according to the power supply type, the width, the weight and the hinge position of your gate.

Anti-crushing system

All myGate controllers, both in 24V and 230V, boast an automatic obstacle detection function adjustable to several levels of sensitivity. The obstacle detection function reduces crushing risks for end-users and helps complying safety standards easily.

Manual release system

In the event of a power failure you can also open and close manually your electric gate using a key to unlock.

Emergency operations

24Vdc models can be powered by back-up batteries for continued operations of automatic opening and closing in the event of sudden power cuts.


myGate products are conceived in the labs of PROTECO group, a worldwide known manufacturer of gate and door automations.


Automations are designed, manufactured and tested in our Italian factory. The use of high-quality materials (aluminium, steel, bronze) in key mechanical parts grants reliability and long lasting performances.


With 24Vdc models you can also get your electric gate eco-friendly and energy-saver powering it by a solar panel system.

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