How to make your awning electric

Summer is here and many of you are likely dreaming about adding some shade to your garden by installing new automatic controlled awnings.


Either you already have some manually operated awnings or you are thinking about buying new ones, you may face some troubles in finding the perfect electric blind or awning for your home.


Here you have quick guide to different options for motors and controls and a short overview of the main features you should take in to account when purchasing a new system for your house.


First step: taking measurements


Before exploring the offer of electric awnings, you should better have some basic info at hand.


First of all, you need to know the dimension of the winding roll: diameter can vary in width and the model of the tubular motor you need to automate it changes accordingly. You may also need some optional adaptors to fit the motor into the roll.


Then, you can take note of how long the awning protrude from the base once it is extended to the maximum and how many brackets does your awning have.



Dimensions and controls for your electric awning


All motors for blinds and awnings need to be wired to a 220V main power supply, but they come in different dimensions and models.


The diameter of the tubular motor, for instance, has to be smaller than the awning rolling tube because it has to fit inside of it


How you wish to control your awing is also something you actually need to consider in advance.

You can in fact opt for a wall switch to operate your awning or for a remote controlled system to open/close your awning from anywhere in your house.



Sensors and remote controls

Technology moves fast in electric awnings control and comfort.


Now you can easily find in the market also wireless solutions: tubular motors equipped with a mini receiver that allow you to open/close them by a remote control.


Moreover, you can upgrade your system with a wireless wind-sun sensor.

This kind of devices can detect the weather conditions and automatically make the awning to close in case of strong wing or open when it gets sunny.